sabato, febbraio 07, 2009

Tutti i nodi arrivano al pettine.

C'era d'aspettarselo gli atti autolesionistici dei Thai (Chiusura Aeroporti), una crisi economica mondiale, e altre belle “sfighe” come la cementificazione assassina dell'isola hanno messo in ginocchio il turismo di lusso in Phuket.

I lavoratori del Laguna Phuket Resort si sono visti negare il premio annuale equivalente a uno stipendio, oltre a non avergli aumento del 4% lo stesso stipendio come concordato in precedenza.

Il Laguna Resort è un hotel 5stelle, chi ha i soldi ultimamente ci pensa prima di spenderli a Phuket!

I motivi sono tanti, ma certo i Thai se “li cercano i guai”, anche questa manifestazione che obbliga i pochi ospiti presenti a cambiare hotel non credo sia una “mossa geniale”.

Vedremo cosa succede a fine stagione, è previsto un aumento degli arrivi, speriamo...

Comunque io personalmente non mi posso lamentare, Blu_Express con le offerte da 400Euro voli diretti su Phuket mi ha riempito isola di Italiani :)

Le strutture come la nostra Baan ss Kata non risentono della crisi, anzi c'è tutto pieno!

Forse il sogno dei vari “governatori” di rendere Phuket Esclusiva, un isola a numero limitato di Turisti va svanendo... Forse è meglio così!

Forse, smetteranno di costruire schifosi palazzi di cemento sul mare deturpando senza criterio un isola tra le più belle del mondo!

Meno soldi=Meno scempio?


Tratto dal giornale locale:

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Laguna protesters dig in for the long haul

Laguna protesters create a human road block in the resort complex on the third day of their strike over annual bonuses and pay rises.

PHUKET, CHERNG TALAY: The workers’ protest at Laguna Phuket resort is now in its third day and all seven entrances into the core of the resort remain blocked by the protesters and vehicles. However, Laguna residents are still able to access their homes, but some can only do so on foot or by motorbike.

Some of the protest leaders last night met with Phuket Governor Preecha Ruangjan to explain their grievances against the resort’s management.

Members of the workers’ union are unhappy with the annual bonus that they received, which they claim was half the amount paid in previous years and is usually the equivalent to one month’s salary.

They are also unhappy that there has been no increase in annual salaries, which they had expected to rise by 4%.

For our previous report click here.

Gov Preecha, who is welcoming members of the Royal Family today, is expected to meet with Laguna Director Michael Ayling later this afternoon to try to negotiate a settlement.

The Gazette has been unable to reach Mr Ayling or other members of the resort's top management for a statement. The resort’s main switchboard has a recorded message saying that today is a national holiday.

Meanwhile the resort has begun to move some of its guests to other luxury hotels on the island, one of the protesters told the Gazette.

There is no mention of the protest on the home page of the resort’s website, though the management did issue a statement yesterday saying that only about 5% of the workers were actually involved.

Guests and residents inside the complex are being allowed in and out on motorbikes, but passage has been denied to larger vehicles. The protesters have set up tents and cooking facilities at protest sites, indicating that they are prepared to continue the protest long-term if their demands are not met.

However, the tone of the protest has been non-threatening to tourists.

Tourist Susanna Dreier from Denmark said that her group was "only mildly inconvenienced" because they had to walk in the hot sun.

A Swiss tourist seemed to sympathize with the workers, but worried about the effect on tourism.

“The protest is alright. Not too much, but a little. All people have the right to earn money, but for holiday, for tourism, it’s no good to strike so hard,” he said.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Protestors blockade Laguna Phuket

A Laguna tour bus blockading a road into the complex yesterday afternoon.

Protest leaders present a statement to a human resources manager outside the Banyan Tree Resort.

CHERNG TALAY, PHUKET: Disgruntled staff members at the up-market Laguna Phuket resort complex have abandoned their duties and blockaded the road entrances to the resort, causing disruption to operations and preventing access.

Protesters said they were angry they had received a bonus of two weeks’ pay for 2008, rather than the usual four weeks, and had been denied pay increases.

A written statement from the hotel union seen by the Gazette claimed that the various companies operating under the Laguna umbrella had all performed well in 2008 and that the company was secure, strong and among the leading tourism companies in Asia.

Natasha Eldred, Assistant Director of Marketing Communications at Laguna Phuket, said, “The hotels and business units at Laguna Phuket are experiencing disruptions to operations and the management are gravely concerned about the impact this action will have on Phuket’s already declining tourism business.”

According to a press release issued by Laguna Resorts & Hotels, the protest began yesterday afternoon with 150 to 200 employees, or about five percent of the total workforce, marching and assembling at the entrance to the resort complex.

Many of the protesters were still in uniform, while others were dressed casually.

One route into the resort was blockaded with a Laguna tour bus, preventing access by vehicles to parts of the complex.

Additional blockades were added overnight, “preventing arrivals and departures by guests, associates and residents,” according to a statement by Laguna Phuket.

“Laguna Resorts & Hotels Plc advises that the Phuket authorities are fully aware of the situation and that the Company has requested their full assistance to resolve the situation in a timely manner. Laguna Resorts & Hotels sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience caused to patrons and associates during this action,” Ms Eldred said.

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