domenica, settembre 16, 2007


Alle ore 16.00 un aereo della compagnia low cost 1-2-go (Orient Thai) in fase di atterraggio si è schiantato a terra!
Al momento ci sono notizie frammentarie, si parla di almeno 100morti! Maggior parte turisti...
Aeroporto in questo mento è chiuso.
Appena ho aggiornamenti vi farò sapere...

Dal BangkokPost:
Phuket plane crash

Bangkok Post

A passenger jet of One-To-Go Airlines with 128 people aboard crashed while landing at Phuket Airport in southern Thailand late Sunday afternoon and rescue workers said the death toll could be high.

The plane of the budget airline skidded off the runway after landing and crashed into trees, bursting into fire, said Channel 7 TV.

Initial reports estimated that at least 60 passengers died in the fiery accident.

Airport officials and rescue workers are still working to help the victims from the plane which caught fire after it crashlanded and skidded off the runway.

Authorities said there were 123 passengers and five crew members on board when the plane crashed at about 4pm Sunday afternoon.

Weather in Phuket has been bad for several days, with thunderstorms and high wind gusts at times.

Casualties are still accounted for.

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