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Mio piccolo Augurio di Buon compleanno al RE

Foto Tratte dal Bangok Post:

CLOCKWISE FROM BOTTOM LEFT: Prince Bhumibol at the age of two (1929); at the age of 11 in Luksue Nam uniform while in Bangkok (1938); as a young boy in Switzerland (1939); with the Princess Mother and his brother, King Ananda; at the age of one with his father, Prince Mahidol (1929).

From Baby Songkla' to the world's longest-reigning monarch, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej has provided leadership, inspiration, comfort and wisdom to not just Thais but people around the world for six decades. His Majesty's vision and compassion are boundless, as is the love and respect his subjects have for His Majesty.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Family portrait on the third birthday of Prince Ananda (1928) ; King Ananda's abode, Villa Vadhana Mansion, in Lausanne, Switzerland ; at the age of three in Bangkok with Princess Galyani Vadhana ; summer in Switzerland.

CLOCKWISE, FROM BOTTOM LEFT: In boy scout uniform, left, with his brother, Prince Ananda. HM King Ananda upon his arrival at Bangkok's Don Muang Airport in December 1945. King Ananda, HRH the Princess Mother and Prince Bhumibol in Bangkok 1946. King Ananda and Prince Bhumibol skiing in Switzerland. With his pet dog 'Muen' in Bangkok.
CENTRE: As a student in Switzerland.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Family picture on the second birthday of Prince Bhumibol. With the Princess Mother, in Bangkok, 1938. The athletic Prince Bhumibol rowing a boat one summer in Switzerland.

Studio picture of the nine-year-old King Ananda and seven-year-old Prince Bhumibol in Switzerland, 1934


King Ananda after his accession to the throne in 1934 with his family.

It was on December 5, 1945, the 18th birthday of Prince Bhumibol, that both King Ananda and the prince made their second home-coming visit to Thailand after the end of WWII.

Although they had been away for seven years, King Ananda, then 20 and Prince Bhumibol, 18, received an overwhelming welcome from the public, who showed their unwavering loyalty to their king by turning up in full force along every street the king and his brother passed. For six months, the king and Prince Bhumibol rigorously performed royal duties, presiding over ceremonies as well as visiting people upcountry.

What was originally planned as a one-month trip was extended to six months during which King Ananda's popularity soared as the king charmed his subjects with his unpretentious characteristics.

In its Feb 15, 1946 issue, The Suparb Burud Prachamitr newspaper reported: (The King) favoured a simple way of living without pomp and ceremony as if he were an ordinary person. He would address himself as I and with a krub' (sir) to anyone he granted an audience to. Yet, tragedy struck the glowingly popular young king, just a few days before his scheduled return to Switzerland to resume his education. King Rama VIII was found dead with a bullet hole in his forehead on the morning of June 9, 1946 at Boromphimarn Palace.

On the same day, heir-apparent Prince Bhumibol was named his successor as King Rama IX. His formal title: Phrabath Somdej Phra Paramindara Maha Bhumibol Adulyadej Mahitarathibej Ramathibodi Chakrinaruebej Sayammindhrathiraj Boromnartborpit.


Two and a half months after the mysterious death of his brother, King Bhumibol returned to Switzerland for his education at Lausanne University. But instead of pursuing sciences as he initially planned, the King switched his education to law and political science in preparation for his new role as the Siamese monarch.

On October 4, 1948, the King had a car accident while he was driving on the main Geneva-Lausanne highway. The Associated Press quoted police in its report of Oct 9, 1948, that the King was driving a midgetsize automobile toward Geneva when "a truck ahead of him stopped suddenly to avoid two cyclists and the royal car crashed into the rear. For three months, the King was hospitalized to recover from the car crash that affected his right eye.

While in hospital, the King received a vivacious visitor whose acquaintance he had previously made, Mom Rajawong Sirikit Kitiyakara, daughter of His Highness Prince Chandaburi Suranath (Mom Chao Nakkhatra Mangala Kitiyakara), Royal Siamese Ambassador to Paris, and Mom Luang Bua Kitiyakara.

As their romance grew, the King asked for the hand of MR Sirikit and they became engaged on July 19, 1949.

Upon his journey back to Bangkok in early 1950, the King was occupied with three significant missions: a royal funeral ceremony for King Ananda, his marriage to M.R. Sirikit and his own coronation. The royal funeral was held on March 29, 1950. One month afterward, he married his 17-year-old fiancee in a ceremony presided over by Queen Savang Vadhana, at Sra Pathum Palace. The royal newlyweds enjoyed their honeymoon at Klai Kangwol Palace in Hua Hin.

On May 5, 1950, a grand coronation ceremony was held for King Bhumibol with pomp, ceremony and pageantry. Soon after the coronation, His Majesty the King together with Her Majesty the Queen returned to Switzerland to further his education.

Their permanent return to Bangkok came on December 2, 1951. With them was their eight-monthold first-born child, HRH Princess Ubol Ratana, born on April 5, 1951.

Their second child, HRH Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn, was born on July 28, 1952; their third child, HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn on April 2, 1955, and their fourth, HRH Princess Chulabhorn on June 4, 1957.

ABOVE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Studio photo of Prince Mahidol and Miss Sangwan Talapat on their marriage in 1920. Official birth certificate number 3173 by City of Cambridge, Massachusetts for the birth of Bhumibol Aduldej Songkla, at Cambridge Hospital on December 5, 1927. One-year-old Prince Bhumibol on board the Kashimamaru with his father, Prince Mahidol of Songkhla, December 1928. As a primary student in Ecole Miremont school in Switzerland. Family picture upon their trip back to Bangkok in 1938.

ABOVE, LEFT TO RIGHT: King Ananda and Prince Bhumibol on their return to Thailand in 1945. HM King Bhumibol and Mom Rajawong Sirikit Kitiyakara. HM the King on his coronation day. Their majesties with their four children.


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