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Camicie rosse allo sbando dopo assedio all'ospedale!

Ho trovato questo interessante articolo secondo il quale le camicie rosse stanno lentamente perdendo immagine e forza. Aver attaccato un ospedale non e' sicuramente un'idea geniale!
Nel mentre si vocifera che Mister T. sia morto, tutta la sua famiglia oggi si e' vestita a lutto di nero...
Non ci si capisce una mazza ormai, ognuno fa quello che vuole mentre il turismo perde milioni di dollari!!!! Leggete a fondo pagina cosa si sono inventate le assicurazioni per i viaggiatori. Mentre in casa nostra Blu Express ha lasciato a piedi tanti connazionali, veramente uno schifo. Speriamo come sempre per il meglio, buon primo di Maggio a tutti.

Losing patience

By The Nation
Published on May 1, 2010

It was supposed to be a day for the red shirts to fix the damage, but as it turned out, the consequences of Thursday's invasion of Chulalongkorn Hospital meant the political movement was staring at a wrecked reputation that is nearly irreparable.

Photos of patients being wheeled out of the hospital - from helpless old people with oxygen masks to a baby in an incubator - spread epidemically on social media. The urgent yet awkward relocation of Chulalongkorn Hospital patients, helped by grim-faced relatives and nurses, subdued even the most understanding sympathisers of the red shirts and was described by some observers as a complete PR disaster for the movement.

Condemnation poured in. Simmering public anger at the disruption of daily life now has had an added cause. That a red-shirt leader is a doctor only served to magnify resentment of a public totally losing its patience. weng Tojirakarn, whose son is also a doctor and has been assigned a job at a provincial hospital, reportedly had tried to stop the invasion, but he might not have done enough, or probably the red leadership has become too fragmented to act on consensus anyway.

Behind-the-scenes photos were also circulated, with probably greater emotional impact. "In-house relocation" - the moving of patients from considered unsafe proximity to other buildings - meant a lot of sick people, including a baby with respiratory problems and in need of an operation, had to be on beds laid out on cement floors.

The National Human Rights Commission condemned what it said was complete lack of respect for humanitarian standards and a behaviour it pointed out followed other condemnable acts like snatching a dead body from a hospital or preventing efforts to get wounded victims immediate treatement.

"The rights of patients to get immediate and proper treatment have been grossly violated and medical personnel have been prevented from doing their professional jobs," the commission said in a statement. That was corroborated by an alliance of five councils of medical professions who, in a statement, called for an immediate end to "practices unacceptable by common standards and human rights principles".

"Even during war times, hospitals, medical personnel, vehicles and equipment are protected by all sides to keep an extent of humanitarian standards," said the alliance's statement. The same message was echoed by patients' clubs. The network, bringing together patients suffering from various major diseases as well as private health development groups and consumers' groups, strongly criticised the "inhuman" act and called on the red-shirted leaders to move the rally elsewhere if they could not control militant members.

The red-shirt leaders apologised yesterday, saying the one who led the invasion, Payap Panket, had acted on his own. Critics, however, were quick to point out witnesses' accounts that showed all red leaders present at Rajprasong on Thursday had been aware of Payap's move.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva took the red shirts to task for their recent actions, which have turned parts of Bangkok's commercial heart into a barricaded protest camp. "It's not necessary for me to condemn [the hospital break-in] since Thai society and the world community have already done that," Abhisit said, adding that the government would "not allow any movements that posed threats to the public".

But as always, his strong words were not followed by any arrest yesterday. Payap has become another red leader who has managed to roam the city despite facing an arrest warrant. Unlike the others before him who were forced to either scale down a rope from a hotel's third floor or slip through rows of soldiers and police, Payap on Thursday was only inches away from police who tried to persuade his men not to search the Chulalongkorn Hospital.

Protesters yesterday morning pulled down the tyres-and-bamboos fortress facing the hospital on Rajdamri Road, only to re-erect it at the order of rogue officer Khattiya Sawasdiphol, who claimed removing it would invite troops to move in and disperse the rally. Khattiya, who has been mentioned in a few government press conferences alluding to acts of terrorism, is another red-shirt member who can pop up in public wherever and whenever he likes.

The red shirts said the invasion would never happen again, but that was deplored in the social media as being the same as regret expressed by a rapist to his victim. The movement was licking its wounds yesterday. Its only comfort, however, could be the fact that this huge setback also amplified the helplessness of the Abhisit government, which got nothing but a little reprieve from the hospital incident.

Thailandia: turisti avvertiti, l’assicurazione viaggi non paga

Thailandia: turisti avvertiti, l'assicurazione viaggi non paga in seguito ai ripetuti incidenti degli scorsi giorni Thailandia, sia il governo inglese che quello americano hanno deciso di emettere una allerta rivolta ai loro cittadini affinchè, o rientrino dalla Thailandia oppure evitino di partire.

L’ABTA, la più grande organizzazione inglese di viaggi, che conta oltre 1500 membri è stata chiara: l’assicurazione viaggi non coprirà coloro che sono partiti per la Thailandia in barba alle raccomadazioni del FO (Foreign Office), l’equivalente del nostro Ministero degli Esteri.

La nota compagnia di viaggi Thomas Cook ha comunicato che i viaggiatori che hanno prenotato viaggi per la Thailandia avranno la possibilità di modificare la destinazione o in alternativa vedersi restituiti in toto i soldi del viaggio.

Martedì scorso, la raccomandazione già emessa dal FO di non recarsi a Bangkok, se non per motivi gravi è stata estesa a tutta la Thailandia.

Successivamente anche il Governo americano ha emesso un aggiornamento al suo precedente allarme datato 22 Aprile allargando a tutta la Thailandia la raccomandazione di rinunciare ai viaggi se non strettamente necessari.
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